The Whitelist Project x Taiyo Robotics

Paul J. Hawron
1 min readDec 29, 2022
Taiyo Robotics logo


The Whitelist Project is happy to officially announce our next investment partner: Taiyo Robotics.

About the project:

Taiyo Robotics is one of the greatest stories in the Solana NFT ecosystem. A rugged project turned blue chip through the efforts of one of the most notable builders in the entire space. With several NFT collections and an SPL token transition coming up, we are excited for the solid foundation that they have set to build upon. With the migration of DeGods and y00ts, we are supporting this project as they gun for the #1 spot on Solana.

The Whitelist Project has purchased some of their NFTs to vault into our DAO treasury, in which our Whitelist Ticket NFT holders will receive full rev-share. A larger investment will be fueled by the funds of our upcoming 3D Ticket mint. More details on the distribution breakdown for holders here.

As we build the first REIT of the Metaverse with our collections, we will be investing in teams and projects that are building web3 solutions for the long term and adding value to the ecosystem.

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